Wondering Where To Buy Cheese?

Have you ever wondered how cheese is made? Maybe you thought to yourself, how many different cheeses are there in the world? Or, perhaps you are simply looking for a place to purchase local or online gourmet cheese and related products? No matter what your reason for visiting WhereToBuyCheese.com, we are happy that your internet journey has brought you here.

The easiest way to find local cheese makers, cheese sellers and dairy farmers is to use the provided search tool to search by city or state. But, you could also browse the different categories and stumble upon a new vendor you didn’t know existed or read the informative cheese descriptions and articles to find a new favorite cheese.

Also, don’t be afraid to venture into the realm of online cheese sellers and have the different cheeses of the world shipped directly to you. The variety is endless and the prices are reasonable. You can find grating cheeses, hard cheeses, semi-soft cheeses and soft cheeses from countries like Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland and Russia as well as all the other cheese producing nations.

Our list is ever growing and will soon expand to over 5,000 different vendors and producers, so be sure to check back often and find out where to buy cheese!

What are the top cheese producing countries of the world?

Almost every nation around the globe produces cheese but the top cheese making countries include: The United States, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Egypt, Argentina and Australia.

Which cheeses are the favorites and most purchased?

 This list can vary depending on what continent you live on, but the most commonly used cheeses include: Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, Jack, Swiss, American, Provolone, Feta, Cream and Ricotta.

What animals are used to make cheese?

Most people know that the top three animal’s milk used in cheese making are cow, goat and sheep but some of the unknown animals include: buffalo, camel, yak, horse and reindeer.

What makes one cheese different from another?

There are many factors which go into making a particular type of cheese but some of the main differences are: the type of milk use, the enzymes and mold involved, the length of time the cheese is aged and the firmness of the finished product.

How do you get a mild, medium, sharp or extra sharp cheese?

The primary method of developing the taste characteristic know as sharpness is the length of time the cheese is aged. As a general rule, the longer the aging process the sharper the cheese flavor.

What states make the most cheese?

The top four industrial cheese making states by far are Wisconsin, California, Idaho and New York but most, if not all, states have independent cheese makers. By searching the listings provided you can find cheese made in Ohio, Florida and Texas as well as cheese from small states like Vermont, Rhode Island and West Virginia.

What are the different classifications of firmness that cheese can have?

The firmness of a cheese is has a big influence on the eating experience. Many people enjoy one type of firmness but would never eat another because of the texture and feel in the mouth. Luckily, there is a wide variety available to fit ever palate such as: fresh soft cheese, fresh firm cheese, soft cheese, semi-soft cheese, semi-hard cheese, hard cheese, medium firm cheese and even liquid cheese.

Those are just a few of the fun cheese facts found on WhereToBuyCheese.com, enjoy the site and visit often for new information on where to buy cheese from local or internet cheese sources.